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Money Mind

­Transforming your limiting beliefs and stories about MONEY

Web class with Caitlin Frost

Monday May 7, 2018 - Monday June 18, 2018 (No class on June 4)

  • What are the stories and assumptions you carry about money that limit you and cause stress? 
  • Where does your own thinking about money keep you impoverished and stuck (whether you have money or not?)
  • What important money conversations are you not having in your personal life or business?


Our stress, confusion, attachment and thinking about money can be the focus of a substantial amount of our time and life energy. It can also impact our lives unconsciously, as we seek or avoid money, or carry stressful stories about what we believe we need, what will happen if we have it or if we don't and what it all means about who we are and what is possible in our lives.

Whether you are wanting to be able to work with and talk about money more clearly and confidently, or wanting it to have less power in your life, our beliefs and stories about money can be limiting and stressful as we navigate a world that has money as a central reference point and practical reality.

We are raised surrounded by stories about money, and most of us live in environments where money is a central focus, and is connected to many areas of our lives: our work, our family and social relationships, our identity, our motivation, our sense of success, our safety, and even our survival. So it is no wonder we have so many confusing (and sometimes conflicting) stories about money, and can find it challenging to have open, honest conversations about money.


What could it mean to live life really free in your thinking about money?

whether you have a lot of money or only a little bit (or somewhere in between…)

The Work is a simple yet powerful self-inquiry tool for working directly with your own thinking and limiting beliefs in the places you get stuck and experience stress. As a practice it enables you to resolve issues, shift underlying patterns and access more possibility thinking, peace, clarity and wise action in your life, relationships and work.

6 week web-based program:

  • Join by web with video or by phone from anywhere in the world
  • 6 ninety minute interactive classes
  • engaging in class exercises and coaching
  • powerful individual and partner exercises weekly to do your own Work
  • recordings of classes in case you can't attend in person
  • optional additional private coaching available (for an additional cost)

Using The Work, and addressing a new topic area about money each week – you will have the opportunity to become more aware of your own stories and beliefs about money, and use the 4 questions and turnarounds to free your own mind.

There is a kind of abundance on the other side of Inquiry that you can only experience for yourself. You have the wisdom you need. The Work can help you find it.
— Caitlin Frost


  • $275 plus 5% GST
  • Early Bird $250 plus 5% GST (Register before March 8, 2018)
  • 10% discount if you have taken a web-class with Caitlin before.
  • Save 15% when you bundle 3 webclasses (Money Mind + Work@work #1 + Work@work #2) 
  • Full course and personalized coaching program - all 3 courses plus six 90 minute coaching sessions: $1,800 + GST
  • Individual coaching session course rate: $180 + GST (90 minutes)
  • If cost is a barrier to your participation please contact me and we can talk about what is possible

Caitlin Frost is a Certified Coach and Facilitator of The Work. She works as a coach with individuals and leaders around the world, and as a facilitator with organizations and communities in participatory and collaborative process and leadership.  She has done extensive Work around the topic of money with clients and in her own practice.

This online class was groundbreaking for me in terms of opening a doorway of inquiry into my mental patterns and conditioning when it comes to money and economy. I have already highly recommended the class to several other people and feel that opportunities for further learning around this topic continue to arise in my life since completing the training.
— Aerin Dunford
Issues around money and abundance have always been a significant learning edge for me, Caitlin’s facilitation of the Work has been a real mind-opener. In these last few months I’ve gained significant ease and clarity about the mental and emotional constructs I hold around abundance, along with an exceptional set of tools for continued discovery as new edges present themselves. I’ve been able to really parse apart a lot of spaces in my psyche that have been overly entangled for a long, long time, and the freedom I feel from that work has been tremendous. Many thanks Caitlin; I look forward to working with you again soon!
— Mike
‘I had the useful and deeply profound experience of taking Caitlin Frost’s ‘Money and The Work’ web course. The content is beautifully designed and helped me to reflect on different aspects of the complex web of hindering, often conflicting, beliefs I have about money. Caitlin is warm, wise and masterful at facilitation online and off.’
— Belina Raffy, Founder/Director of Maffick Ltd.