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Peaceful Parent (Dates TBA)

The Work of Byron Katie for parents (of children of all ages)

Web-class with Caitlin Frost, Certified Facilitator


Please Contact Caitlin directly if you are interested in updates, or would like to know more about this web-class.

The journey of parenting can be one of the most profound and beautiful experiences of our lives. It can also be extremely stressful, confusing (and even terrifying) at times. Fuelled by our own stories, patterns, worries and fears, and also our deep love for our children, we can get very reactive, stuck and confused in our parenting.

Being a parent gives us a profound opportunity to grow, learn and love, particularly if we have tools to help us navigate the places we get challenged in ourselves.

As a parent of two (now) teenagers, I have found my practice in The Work to be the most powerful and helpful practice of my parenting life. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today, or have the connected, loving, trusting relationships I have with my children, without my practice in The Work. The profound learning I continue to access by identifying where in my own thinking and beliefs I am getting triggered and stuck, and using the process of the Work to find my own clarity has been life changing for me and my family.

I ‘found’ The Work when I had a newborn baby and toddler, and have practiced inquiry regularly through many parenting challenges  from babyhood, through childhood and now with a house full of teenagers. I am offering this web-class from a place of my own deep gratitude and humility in all that this practice of The Work has brought to me in my own parenting over the last 14 years.

The Work is a simple yet powerful self-inquiry tool for working directly with your own thinking and limiting beliefs in the places you get stuck and experience stress. As a practice it enables you to resolve issues, shift underlying patterns and access more possibility thinking, peace, clarity and wise action in your life, relationships and work.

In 6 interactive sessions of learning and practice you will have the opportunity to dive into your own parenting challenges and also learn how to do The Work for yourself.


6 week web-based program:

  • Join by web with video or by phone from anywhere in the world

  • 6 ninety minute interactive classes

  • engaging in class exercises and coaching

  • powerful individual and partner exercises weekly to do your own Work

  • recordings of classes in case you can't attend in person

  • optional additional coaching available


Over the six weeks we will work with:

  • Judgements and assumptions that create disconnection and conflict with your children

  • Shifting unhealthy generational parenting patterns

  • What to do with the advice your children don't want to hear from you

  • Clear and effective communication (including your honest NO and YES)

  • Engaging the fears that cause you to be reactive

  • Transforming your “I’m a terrible parent” story

  • Stepping out of the approval seeking behaviours that disconnect     



  • $260 plus 5% GST
  • Early Bird: $240 
  • 10% discount if you have taken a web-class with Caitlin before.
  • If cost is a barrier to your participation please contact me and we can talk about what is possible



Caitlin Frost is a Certified Coach and Facilitator of The Work and has been “doing The Work” in her own life for more than 14 years. She works as a coach with individuals and leaders around the world, many of whom also find The Work very helpful to navigate their own parenting challenges. Caitlin is also the mother of two feisty and amazing teenagers who continue to teach her a lot.

Caitlin’s genuine & experienced facilitation of The Work has been invaluable to my parenting. Doing the work with Caitlin on my daughter (8) has brought me clarity setting boundaries with certainty, love & compassion. The Work with Caitlin has also enabled me to become more curious about my children’s choices rather than judgmental which has brought me much closer to my daughter and son(6). Through The Work, Caitlin has helped me re-connect to my core values which makes parenting so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.
— M. Lodato, WA, USA
One of the biggest challenges I have had has been the stories I have told my self about what it means to be a parent. Relationships with grown children can be complicated and it is not easy work. Caitlin’s loving approach to and guidance in The Work have helped me transform my relationships. I have found my truest heart around parenting, a place of peace, love and joy that I can tap into at any time, an incredible gift.
— Nancy P.
Families.., When it’s good it’s very good, and when it’s bad it’s horrid. I’ve had a couple of situations that felt horrid. It’s such an ugly place to be in. Luckily I gave Caitlin a call (well more than one!). She helped me pull apart some deep beliefs that kept me in knots. The space The Work created helped me love my family, love myself again. I am so grateful. If you have some family dynamics that send you spinning, give Parenting and The Work a chance to pull apart the beliefs that keep you stuck. You too can love yourself again.
— Mary Johnson, Edmonton, Alberta
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