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Retiring Well: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

  • Bowen Island, BC Canada (map)

Weekend retreat on Bowen Island BC, with Annemarie Travers and Caitlin Frost

2018 Dates Coming Soon

Retirement can be an opportunity to re-invent ourselves, to “graduate” from our current work reality to a future of our own making. While there are a broad range of resources to assist in planning financially for this transition, there are many fewer resources to assist with the more human side.
As we think about retirement, whether in the near or distant future, there are a variety of changes to consider. Our social network  and connection to community, our sense of purpose and our opportunities for growth and development all shift. Preparing to leave work requires conscious attention to both the legacy we wish to leave and the future we hope to create for ourselves. Rarely do we have an opportunity to focus on what this change will really mean to us.
"Retiring Well" offers you the opportunity to engage consciously in what retirement means, or can mean for you.  We will provide you with tools, resources, reflective time and connections with others who are exploring many of the same questions.  If you’ve been thinking about how to make the most of your retirement, whatever that means to you, this may be the workshop you’ve been looking for.