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The Work@Work #2 - What Holds You Back?

Transforming limiting beliefs in work, business and leadership


Web-classes with Caitlin Frost, Certified Facilitator and Coach

We always end the 6 week class feeling excited to keep inquiring and practicing, so I am now offering Work@work 1 and Work@work 2. Take the classes in any order, or as a bundle together with Money Mind. See below for pricing and details.

Your most valuable leadership tool is an open mind.
— Byron Katie

What is holding you back from showing up at your best to your professional life? And enjoying your work in the world?


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Fear, stressful thinking patterns, judgments and unquestioned assumptions can limit your ability to be creative, work well with a diversity of people, see possibility and act wisely and decisively in challenging situations.

Learn to work with your own thinking and open your mind to more possibility, creativity, energy and enjoyment in your work.

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple and powerful process for skillfully working with your own thinking and limiting beliefs where you are stuck or stressed. As a practice, it provides a clear way to open your mind to greater possibility, and access your creative, intelligent, resilient and compassionate capacities, even in times of change and uncertainty.

We need new ways of thinking to fully engage the challenges, and possibilities, of our times, and our lives. The Work gives us and accessible, compassionate and rigorous practices to deeply engage our minds and genuinely shift our mindsets.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein

(Take courses in this series in any order)


  • Giving and receiving feedback fearlessly

  • Authentic, clear, courageous communication

  • Identity - How does who I believe I am hold me back?

  • Genuine collaboration

  • Working across differences - of age, gender, economics, culture

  • Values - living them authentically without going to war



  • Those challenging people! Working with conflict and judgement

  • Stepping up, stepping in - engaging fear - finding your courage for wise action

  • Working in uncertainty - learning to “not know” and to “stay”

  • Failure and success

  • Imposter Syndrome - engaging “not enough”


In six web-based interactive sessions of learning and practice you will have the opportunity to learn The Work (if you are new to it) and/or deepen your practice in the context of professional life, by applying this powerful practice to your own stuck and stressful situations. Participants report new insights, shifts in mindset and new ways of thinking about stuck situations as a result of engaging in the exercises.


  • Join by web with video or by phone from anywhere in the world

  • 6 ninety minute interactive classes

  • Engaging class exercises and coaching

  • Powerful individual and partner exercises weekly to do your own Work

  • Recordings of classes in case you can't attend in person

  • Optional additional coaching available


Register for one, two or all the courses (including Money Mind) designed to be impactful individually and to flow as a series for deepening practice and engaging key areas of thinking for transforming limiting beliefs and patterns


  • One course: Early Bird $250 + GST (register at least 6 weeks prior to course start)

  • Regular price $275 + GST

  • All 3 courses: save 15% (register for all three at once)

  • 2 courses: save 10% (register for both at once)

  • Add one Individual coaching session course rate: $180.00 + GST (90 minutes)

    Full course and personalized coaching program - all 3 courses plus six 90 minute coaching sessions. $1,800.00 + GST


Caitlin Frost is a Certified Facilitator of The Work. She works as a coach with individuals and leaders around the world, and as a facilitator and trainer with organizations and communities in participatory and collaborative process and leadership. She is also a Steward in the Art of Hosting International Community of Practice.

Byron Katie’s work is a great blessing for our planet. The Work acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being.
— Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now
The Work with Caitlin Frost is a deeply transformational process that creates amazing results! I unpacked a constellation of interrelated limiting beliefs and deeply held behavioral patterns that were showing up in my personal and professional life. As a result of Caitlin’s beautiful support, I am boldly pursuing my calling with a sense of clarity and ease. Already my world is shifting because I no longer get in my own way. I highly recommend Caitlin and The Work to individuals and groups who are ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from actualizing their potential.
— Christina Foster, Foster What Matters Facilitation, Chicago IL
I have participated in two of Caitlin’s web classes and am struck by how effective and powerful The Work can be in shifting perspectives, gaining insights, and increasing awareness of how beliefs and thoughts hold us back from our fullest potential as leaders. Both Caitlin’s workshops and web classes are a wonderful investment of time and resources.
— Madeline Snow Typadis, Harvard Kennedy Leadership Alumni Association of New England
For me, The Work has been transformative, in every dimension of my life (personal, relationships, work). Caitlin is incredibly gifted in this practice and an amazing coach to help us find our way to all that is waiting for us just below the surface of our thoughts. I’ve loved being introduced to the Work with her!
— Teresa Posakony, Organizational Consultant and Process Facilitator, Seattle WA