Transforming our thinking, transforming our lives. The Work of Byron Katie.

We have so much amazing capacity as humans, in ourselves, in our relationship to each other, and in the work we do and offer to the world.

And we also have so many ways we can get tangled and stuck in all these areas.

Our minds are the source of much of our creativity, beauty and capacity, and our own thinking is also very often the source of the patterns that limit us and stress us out and cause suffering.

We unconsciously get in our own way without even knowing it, or at times we may be somewhat aware that we are feeding our own stress or keeping ourselves stuck or small, but we don’t know how to really shift in a meaningful way.

Wise teachings remind us to present for each moment, forgiving, be open in our minds and hearts, and often we don't know HOW to actually get there from the challenging places in ourselves and in our lives, where we are afraid, angry, hurt, or confused.

The Work of Byron Katie gives us a profoundly powerful tool to work directly and effectively with our own stressful thinking, fears and limiting beliefs right in those places we get triggered or stuck.  This accessible self-inquiry practice can connect us to our own deep insights and learning and can result in transforming the conflicts or challenging situations of our lives, and can also help us transform ourselves and our own patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.  

From a more open and clear place, we are much more free to live in the full beauty of the moment, and also build our lives and relationships from a place of much more creativity and possibility.

What I love about The Work is that it is something you can learn to do for yourself. It gives you a simple, kind practice to untangle yourself and reconnect to your own inherent goodness and intelligence, whatever comes up on the journey of your own life.

I have been ‘doing’ The Work for more than 15 years now, and I am profoundly grateful for this practice. It complements other practices including meditation and yoga, and it is applicable to anywhere my mind can get me stuck (which so far turns out to be everywhere!) The Work has been life-changing in how I have been able to approach challenges (and opportunities) in my family and parenting, my health, family loss, finding and stepping into my career, increasing connection and communication my personal and professional relationships, and finding my way through some tough and painful life experiences.

It is so empowering to know that whatever comes my way, I have a way to work with how it lands for me, to access whatever learning life has to offer, and find my way back to my best self over and over again.

I am excited to bring The Work to Hollyhock where we will have the chance to really dive into some good, healing and transformative work together is such a stunning setting and rich place of retreat.

Who would you be without your life-limiting stories?

Doing The Work is a powerful way to find out.

Tranforming Limiting Beliefs with The Work of Byron Katie, Hollyhock, Cortes Island Sept 16th to 20th.