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Transforming Limiting Beliefs in Work, Leadership and Life (Minnesota)

  • Minnesota Humanities Center 987 Ivy Avenue East Saint Paul, MN, 55106 United States (map)

LOCATION: Twin Cities, Minnesota
DATES: May 19th to 21st, 2016

2.5 day intensive workshop,  with Caitlin Frost, Certified Facilitator and Coach

Where do your own beliefs limit your ability to to show up in your full creative and intelligent capacity? 

Where does your own thinking cause you stress and hold you back?

Unquestioned assumptions, fears, and judgments not only create stress, they impact what we are able to see, do and imagine as possible in our work and lives.

What and how we think, effects our ability to act and communicate with wisdom and clarity and stay connected to our own purpose, presence and integrity.

With high levels of change and uncertainty, we need an open, agile mind if we are going to be able to engage complex problems, innovate, and work well together across our differences.

Whether you are a manager, facilitator, change agent, creative professional, educator, health provider, coach or entrepreneur, we all meet up against our own limits in our work in the world and in our lives. We can get more entrenched in our thinking and patterns, clinging to our own beliefs and being right, or we can engage this frontier as a place of growth, transformation and contribution by inquiring into our own beliefs and seeing what else is possible. Wise action from clarity is powerful leadership that makes a difference, whatever your 'position' or 'job' is.

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple, effective and powerful process for inquiring into your own thinking and limiting beliefs where you are stuck or experiencing stress. As a practice, it provides a clear way to open your mind to possibility, shift underlying patterns, gain valuable insights and access your creative, intelligent, and compassionate capacities, even in the most challenging circumstances.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to work directly with their own limiting beliefs and patterns in order to step more courageously, fully and effectively into their own leadership in work and life, and engage with others from that place of clarity.

The most powerful leadership tool is an open mind.
— Byron Katie

Join us for an engaging and impactful 2.5 day workshop where you will learn to identify and inquire into your own limiting beliefs using The Work in the context of your professional work. Through interactive group, partner and individual exercises and supportive coaching we will engage the beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck. You will learn to apply this practice for yourself, and in working with others. All experience levels will be engaged.


  • Fears that hold you back
  • Judgments that create disconnection and conflict
  • Failure and success stories
  • Authentic and fearless communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Decision making from clarity
  • Need for approval and how that can hold us back
  • Attachment to outcome / control
  • Underlying beliefs and patterns
  • Competition and collaboration
It’s not our differences that divide us. It’s our judgments about each other that do.
— Margaret Wheatley, Author, Leadership and the New Science

2.5 day retreat

  • Engaging group learning
  • Powerful individual and partner exercises
  • Learn to self-facilitate and facilitate others
  • Time for reflection
  • Coaching and opportunity for questions
  • Resources to support you to continue to practice post-event
  • 2 lunches, one dinner, all breaks.
  • Thursday evening, Friday day and evening, Saturday until 5pm.


  • Early Bird discounted rate:  Non-profit: $340 USD / Business: $450 USD (before April 15, 2016)
  • Non-profit rate: $385 USD / Business rate: $485 USD
  • Includes 2 lunches, one dinner (Friday night), coffee, tea and materials.
  • If cost is a barrier to your participation please contact me and we can talk about what is possible.
  • Credits available for ITW Candidates
  • All prices exclude GST

Space is limited. Register early.


About Caitlin Frost and The Work

Caitlin Frost is a Certified Facilitator of The Work, leadership coach and trainer working globally with individuals and groups to shift limiting beliefs and access new ways of thinking as they engage the challenges and opportunities professional and personal life.  Caitlin works in both the non-profit and business sector providing transformative coaching and as a facilitator of participatory and collaborative process. Caitlin is a partner in Harvest Moon Consultants, a Steward in the Art of Hosting International Community of Practice, and core faculty of the Leadership 2020 program in BC Canada where she lives with her family. 

I am struck by how effective and powerful The Work can be in shifting perspectives, gaining insights, and increasing awareness of how beliefs and thoughts hold us back from our fullest potential as leaders. As organizer of the leadership skills series at the Harvard Kennedy School, we had the privilege of having Caitlin Frost lead a group in exploring limiting beliefs and how The Work can support our leadership development. The workshop was very well received and we hope to have Caitlin return on an annual basis. Both Caitlin’s workshops and web classes are a wonderful investment of time and resources.
— Madeline Snow Typadis, Harvard Kennedy Leadership School, Alumni Association
I first met Byron Katie 12 years ago, and was introduced to a powerful process of inquiry that has been a foundational practice for me ever since. I turn to The Work whenever I need to find freedom from ideas that limit my ability to act skillfully in my professional or personal life. Caitlin Frost is an incomparable facilitator of The Work. She has synthesized her own deep understanding into accessible and transformative resources. Caitlin’s approach can be immediately applied to leadership challenges, and any other aspect of life that calls for clarity and inspiration.
— Wendy Morris, Intermedia Arts, Minnesota
I had an opportunity to get an introduction to The Work with Caitlin at BtB in Minnesota in May 2015. Even in our brief conversations using this practice I could see how powerful and practical it could be both personally and in my work with others. I immediately knew I wanted to take a deeper dive into this practice with Caitlin! To be able to identify limiting beliefs and break through them to bring our best selves to others and to our work is powerful, liberating, and exciting to me!
— Karen Zentner Bacig, Ph.D., Founder and Constultant, Sabio Strategies, Minnesota
The Work with Caitlin Frost is a deeply transformational process that creates amazing results! I unpacked a constellation of interrelated limiting beliefs and deeply held behavioural patterns that were showing up in my personal and professional life. As a result of Caitlin’s beautiful support, I am boldly pursuing my calling with a sense of clarity and ease. Already my world is shifting because I no longer get in my own way. I highly recommend Caitlin and The Work to individuals and groups who are ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from actualizing their potential.
— Christina Foster, Foster What Matters Facilitation, Chicago IL
Caitlin Frost is brilliant in working with people to shift their limiting beliefs. A gifted facilitator, she really supports people to move into areas of their own thinking with curiosity and compassion. Working with Caitlin I have had many “a-ha” moments myself, and I have benefited enormously from Caitlin’s application of The Work in different settings. Caitlin’s also just a tremendous person, and if you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, do it! You won’t regret, and you will be different when you leave!
— Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Confluence Unlimited, Columbus OH, Art of Hosting Steward